Cady and Holli

It's Time to Give Back

"When you want something, you go the extra mile. It's the little things, the little extras that make it happen. It shows you care, shows you deserve it. So when you think you've done enough, when you think you have reached your limit; do more. That's how you find success. What is the point of living if you ignore pain in choice of accepting´╗┐ fear. It is much better and braver to face fear and pain and feel life. Only if you ever take that risk can you ever truly feel happiness."
- Scooter Braun

While on my quest, to have "One Less Lonely Prom" - I met a wonderful man - Scooter Braun. He is known to most as Justin Bieber's manager. However, in getting to know more about him, I discovered he is a man who believes strongly in the simple but powerful message - "Its Time to Give Back".

My sister and I took this message to heart. No, Justin did not attend my prom but something even cooler happened - I was invited by Justin and his manager to attend the Billboard Awards.


We had a great time at the Billboard Awards and decided that we wanted to also "give back". So we used all of the knowledge that we had gained in assuring that Cady would not have a lonely prom into raising money for Pencils of Promise in Scooter's honor.


Please take a moment to visit "" and learn all about our new quest!

 Cady and Holli